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State-of-the-art AVRs protect Electronics

Clearline Protection Systems, specialists in surge protection, has a range of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) specifically developed for the South African market. The new product will protect consumers against equipment damage and malfunction due to noise, transients, load shedding and induced lightning.

Poor quality power is a reality in SA

Advances in digital technology have resulted in additional speed and miniaturisation in almost all electronic equipment. The microprocessor is now commonplace in most electronic equipment but is highly susceptible for power disturbances.

Power quality determines the fitness of electrical power to electrical and electronic equipment.

Without the proper power voltage input, an electrical or electronic device might malfunction, fail prematurely or not function at all. There are many ways in which electric power can be of poor quality. The consumer has no control over what gets connected to the electrical grid, and often noise, transients, load shedding and induced lightning all pose real threats to the correct functioning of electronic equipment.

Clearline's AVR ensures stable, noise-free voltage output

The Clearline range of automatic voltage regulators address the mentioned power conditions to give stable, noise free voltage output. Each device is equipped with a high end surge protector on the line input, followed by microprocessor controlled voltage regulator (AVR) and finally, a high performance filter. The surge protector is a class 3 device fitted with thermal protection. The AVR is able to accept voltages as low as 160V and as high as 260V while still delivering a safe output voltage.

In the event of the voltages arriving outside these limits, a trip function has been included to disconnect the equipment and reconnect automatically when the input supply returns to normal parameters. Voltage indication is provided throughout the range and the line filter has a high attenuation to unwanted signals between 10kHz and 10Mhz.

Full after sales support is given and comes standard with connectivity warranty on equipment, connected to the devices. For more detail contact Clearline Protection System (Pty) Ltd on (011) 848 1100.

12-00937 Powertrack AVR 5AF
ZAR 8,812.90
Telecoms & Computer Network