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12-00151 for Analogue Telecoms exchanges

ZAR 1,253.57
Interfaces with Krone LSA Plus
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10 Way analogue signal line protector. The Clearline Kp10 series 10way line protector uses state of the art semiconductor technology to protect telecom systems and networks from the damaging effects of induced lighting, AC induction and electrostatic discharges. In the normal mode of operation, the protection module is transparent to the functioning of the telecommunication system, but when the voltages exceed the breakdown voltages, the semiconductor activates and diverts the harmful energy away from the equipment being protected.

The 10 way line protectors are designed to interface with Krone LSA Plus' disconnect blocks, and protect applications at telephone exchanges, remote cellular sites, building entrance terminations and equipment at customer premises.


  • 10 pairs
  • Maximum operating voltage: 230VDC
  • Data speed 0.2dB 100 kHz
  • Economical single pair protection
  • Low residual voltage
  • Suitable for Analogue networks
  • Meets industry standards
  • Reduces down time
  • Increases network reliablility
  • 2 year warranty


123 × 40 × 22 mm