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12-00935 Powertrack AVR 5F

ZAR 8,616.35
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An integrated automatic voltage regulator (AVR) with surge protection, filtration and visible voltage readout. This AVR will accept voltage between 150VAC and 260VAC and give a normal 230VAC output. Low and high voltage protection has been included where the unit will simply remove the power to the equipment and re-connect when the voltage parameters return to normal.


  • High Performance Stabilization
  • Effective Noise Suppression
  • High - Low Voltage Cut Out
  • Phase/ Neutral Protection
  • Soft Start Switch On
  • Voltage Display

A soft start function and time delay has been added to prevent damage caused from load shedding. A high quality mains filter prevents noise from entering into sensitive electronics.


  • Input Voltage: 150VAC - 260 VAC
  • Output Voltage 230VAC (nominal)
  • Phase: Single
  • Response Time: 0.55 sec
  • Delay: 6 seconds


230 × 335 × 190 mm