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12-00990 Softstart for Air Conditioners

ZAR 1,531.09
Easy installation
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Start up currents on refrigerators and on air conditioners, especially in air conditions used in cellular base stations can be very high and can cause trip outs and current overloads.


  • Reduces inrush current
  • Reduces strain on the power source
  • Reduces brown-out effects at compressor start up
  • Built-in Delay
  • Easy installation
  • Small size
When the power supply to these units is interrupted briefly, the compressor motor can stall, allowing high currents to flow for a short period of time causing circuit breaker tripping. On shared sites where the power source in minimal the problem becomes worse. By the installation of the Clearstart soft starter, the inrush of current is limited by starting the compressor motor slowly and a time delay prevents circuit breaker tripping.