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12-01036 - Tripconnect 1P

ZAR 1,981.28
Plug & Play.
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-    Over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection can disable one , two or three of them.
-    Voltage and Current Accuracy 0.5%
-    It’s own power consumption <0.5W
-    Can be manually and automatically reconnect.
-    Can set the delay on and delay off time.
-    Can be used as a normal switch.
-    Can be used as a cycle switch. Remarks The product does not have a battery. If the external power supply is out of power, the cycle time starts from 0.
-    Electricity metering accuracy Class 1.
-    Backlight mode is optional, convenient for user scene selection.
-    Malignant load identification limit (pure resistive load), for apartments Rental housing restrictions Fast heat Electromagnetic Kettle Electric rice cooker and other resistive high-power equipment.

The Tripconnect 1P multi-fuction Protective device is designed to measure single phase two wire AC active energy and used in over & under voltage protection as well as over current protection. In case of over/under voltage or over current fault in line, this product can instantly power off the load to prevent electrical equipment from being damaged. The over & under voltage and over current values of this product can all be set up by oneself and can be adjusted on the basis of local practical condition. The product has a long use of life with the advantageof high stability,high over load capability, low power loss and wide working voltage.


36 × 67 × 100 mm