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Programmable surge protection units

The single and three phase Tripconnect lightning and surge protection unit with programmable delay protects any electrical installation from damage due to lightning or large fluctuations in supply voltages. When the supply voltage is too low or too high, the unit disconnects power to the downstream equipment. It then automatically restores power after a preset delay when the supply returns to acceptable levels.

Various modules are available for loads up to 115 A. These units are supplied with internal contactors up to 65 A. These units perform cycle by cycle rms voltage measurements, providing protection against over and under voltage conditions.

The units incorporate similar technology and designs as that of an automatic voltage regulator, and are installed between the incoming supply and the DB board or equipment.

Typically these protection systems are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. This system is particularly useful when protecting large equipment such as motors, pumps, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.